Ride an ebike for the first time and, as soon as you start pedaling, you will feel a level of freedom that you didn’t know existed a moment before. Shortly after, you’ll notice a totally unavoidable smile stretching across your face. And then, the really great part, you’ll start dreaming up all of the ways you can use it.

At their best, ebikes break down barriers. Not sure if you can ride to work because it’s just a little too far/too hot/too hilly to do so comfortably? Want to explore more of the dirt roads around you but need a little boost on some of the steeper hills? Wish you could ride your mountain bike more without getting in your car or laboring on roads to get to/from the trails? Ebikes solve all of that, which is why nearly every bike brand is now offering them. Here’s what we can do differently:

  • Compatibility with every one of our full titanium frame models, so virtually any Firefly you can dream of can be an ebike
  • Expertly designed custom fit, geometry, and tubing for a tailored fit and feel that matches your riding style perfectly
  • Industry leading titanium expertise, precisely applied to craft a frame that you can trust for a lifetime and be truly proud to own
  • Full custom component selection, tire compatibility, and frame options so it does what you want it to, nothing more and nothing less
  • Unmatched custom titanium finish options

Try an ebike once and you’ll want one for yourself. Might as well make it a bike you love.


Complete builds starting at $8900 (sold as complete bikes only, and only within the US). Contact us for more detail.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can build ebikes with any of Bosch’s performance line motors. That includes their Performance Line Cruise, Speed, and CX. We can power those motor units with any of the Bosch frame and rack mounted batteries. See Bosch’s guide or email us to help choose the right combination for you.

It depends! See Bosch’s very handy range calculator to learn more.

A full charge can take between 2-8 hours, depending on the components you choose. See Bosch’s battery guide for more detail.

The Performance Line Cruise and CX motors provide a boost up to 20mph, and the Speed up to 28mph. Then you’re on your own!

The size and shape of the motor requires us to use longer chainstays, which has the side benefit of adding stability you’ll appreciate when you’re cruising along at high speed. More generally, ebike geometries have to be carefully designed to maintain balanced and stable handling at higher speeds. Otherwise there is no limit to the way we can design your ebike, meaning we can still dial in the fit and handling as we always do.

Mid-mount motors like Bosch’s offer several advantages over hub-based motors. Centering the weight drastically improves handling and reliability of the rear wheel. Bosch’s motor units in particular offer the most natural and intuitive feel, class leading range, battery options, and low weights. Finally, Bosch has the most robust support system, meaning worry free reliability and service.

The frame comes with the same limited lifetime warranty as all of our frames do. The battery is covered under Bosch’s warranty, and we can manage almost all service requests remotely. For anything requiring in person attention, we can coordinate service with the closest Bosch service shop to you.

All ebikes require a single front chainring. The Performance CX motor newly expands the potential chainring and crank options. Almost any rear drivetrain system can work, meaning we can select the right gear range and options for any use.

People For Bikes has compiled a comprehensive and brilliant guide to help.

Contact us anytime, or check out Bosch’s FAQ.

Just wanted to say thanks for building an absolutely great ride for me. Honestly I was a bit apprehensive going into this process since I have always had a chance to test ride whatever I was buying, but in this case I was flying blind. Needless to say all my fears have been put to rest.

Last weekend I got to take the bike out for its first proper ride. It was a 40mi/4500ft ride which had some 14% stretches, some great technical descents and a flat section with not so great pavement. The bike handled all of these with aplomb. The frame was stiff without being uncomfortable and plenty compliant over the rough loose gravel sections without feeling slow.

See the build