Every bike that Firefly makes is custom.

As you browse our bikes, one of the first things you’ll notice is that we don’t have catchy model names. The reason is simple: every bike we make is custom. Maybe you want a super stiff race bike, maybe you want a comfortable bike for getting lost on dirt roads, maybe you want a commuter with all the bells and whistles, or an all-day mountain bike, or something totally different.

No series of models can capture the range of your needs and our abilities. If your bike falls between a road and a cross bike, or a cross and a mountain bike, no problem. Start with what seems like the closest match and we’ll work out the details from there. Let the dream begin…

Firefly rider @emilyschaldach and her friend Johanne just started their tour across Alaska! Bear sightings after day one from Anchorage to Girdwood: 5. Stay tuned for updated bear counts and snow-capped mountain photos...


The first product to come out of SILCA’s new 3D printer is the featherweight and ultra-strong Mensola Computer Mount, a top-of-the-line titanium GPS mount that attaches to your stem. Find details and photos here…https://bikepacking.com/news/silca-mensola-mount/

"The sand persisted, and we finally camped, laughed, ate meat sticks, built fires, and dug our toes in the dirt - all the best things, really." A treat of a story from @emilyschaldach! http://www.bitchngrit.com/blog-1/2021/5/17/sand-is-grand


Rainbow 🌈 splatter anodize.. you’ve done it to us again @fireflybicycles https://www.instagram.com/p/COQnLfdrtZO/?igshid=1iji7bgkq8xvz

Ride in solidarity and learn how you can support ending the war on drugs through legislation to create systemic change for our Black communities that have been disproportionately impacted by the racially motivated War on Drugs. #Boston #R4BL

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Ascents, descents and rough as guts coarse-chip roads. The bike was superb. I’ve never felt so confident descending and the reduction in road buzz was very noticeable.

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