Every bicycle that Firefly makes is custom.

As you browse our bikes, one of the first things you’ll notice is that we don’t have catchy model names. The reason is simple: every bike we make is custom. Maybe you want a super stiff race bike, maybe you want a comfortable bike for getting lost on dirt roads, maybe you want a commuter with all the bells and whistles, or an all-day mountain bike, or something totally different.

No series of models can capture the range of your needs and our abilities. If your bike falls between a road and a cross bike, or a cross and a mountain bike, no problem. Start with what seems like the closest match and we’ll work out the details from there. Let the dream begin…

I picked my bike up on Saturday – and YES, it’s AMAZING!!! I put it together in about 3 minutes and immediately jumped on it and took it out for a fast 55km ride at 32F. Fits like a glove. Thanks for all of you attention to detail, I’ll be marveling over it for weeks! The three of you make something that is so technically complex seem so simple – I've been amazed at that from the beginning of this process. Thanks again.”

See the build
  • photo from Tumblr

Well, now we've done it. More photos here: https://t.co/sNucGqPDPu. More details and pricing soon...#🌟#✨#⚡️


The best frame pumps in the world, now made with precision-machined and custom-butted titanium. Get yours here: https://t.co/UGnCb0lVea

A first for us: ano fade panels, polished logos and accents. We're in love. https://t.co/tc71JjzBUr


Join us this Saturday, 9/14, from 7-9pm for a Rapha Cycling Club social! Joe Dombrowski won't be there, but he has been here before, so it will be like he is. Food and drinks provided, AND we'll be revealing a brand new Firefly prototype... Pls RSVP to kevin@fireflybicycles.com.

"There’s a motor in there somewhere [there isn't!] and it feels PERFECT! Climbs comfortably, descends confidently and nimbly, and is responsive and stable. What a bike!!"

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