Every bike that Firefly makes is custom.

As you browse our bikes, one of the first things you’ll notice is that we don’t have catchy model names. The reason is simple: every bike we make is custom. Maybe you want a road bike built for fast group rides, maybe you want a gravel bike that will be as capable for racing Unbound as for slowly getting lost on your local dirt roads, maybe you want a commuter with all the bells and whistles, or an all-day mountain bike to bikepack through Alaska, or something totally different.

In every case, your Firefly starts with how you want to ride. Tell us your riding goals, needs, and preferences, and we will work with you to design the perfect fit, frame geometry, tube selection, frame options, finish, and components to make your dream bike a reality.

In a word, the Firefly is a revelation: the handling is nimble and responsive (no more toe overlaps!), I’m able to rail around corners with confidence, and getting (and staying!) on the drops is no longer an ordeal.  I’ve come to expect Ti to be a super light material, yet I’m still surprised at how remarkably it climbs.  As for the usual suspects describing Ti’s ride quality: stiff, responsive, and comfy — yep, all true.  Taken together, these are stellar qualities that I would have never expected to find on a single bike.

And then there’s the process of getting the Firefly itself.  First, there’s the sheer craftsmanship involved with building the frame: the welds are stunning and the tube surfacing with anodized bits are awesome to see in person.  The custom tech with the dropouts and CS yoke has sparked many conversations with my fellow bike nerds in the office.  Most notable, the time you kindly spent going over frame numbers has instilled an appreciation for bike geometry and fit: that finding those numbers can be done methodically without needing a pro fitter or fancy jig. 

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