Every bike that Firefly makes is custom.

As you browse our bikes, one of the first things you’ll notice is that we don’t have catchy model names. The reason is simple: every bike we make is custom. Maybe you want a super stiff race bike, maybe you want a comfortable bike for getting lost on dirt roads, maybe you want a commuter with all the bells and whistles, or an all-day mountain bike, or something totally different.

No series of models can capture the range of your needs and our abilities. If your bike falls between a road and a cross bike, or a cross and a mountain bike, no problem. Start with what seems like the closest match and we’ll work out the details from there. Let the dream begin…

Brand new 3D printed Firefly/@SILCAvelo computer mounts available now! https://fireflybicycles.com/store/3D-Printed-Titanium-Computer-Mount-p528502593

Ending the week on a high note. "I was sort of expecting something like a high-end mechanical watch; a beautifully crafted version of something but that fundamentally does the same job. That bike is so much more to me. I cannot get over the feeling of joy I get when I ride it."


The three latest builds for three very different definitions of "gravel." Always more here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fireflybicycles/albums


For Kevin Wolfson, Director of Operations & Lead Frame Designer for @fireflybicycles the beauty of designing a gravel bike is understanding how the term ‘gravel’ can mean different things to different riders. Watch MADE IN: New England ▶️ https://shima.no/1kj #ShimanoGravel

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It is one thing to read that titanium frames provide a soft ride, and another to experience it. I have ridden my Colnago for more than five years, so the only way I had known my local roads had been through it. Yesterday I felt as if I was somewhere else, as the road vibrations felt completely different, and my ride was smoother and more fluid. On the first descents I wondered why I was going faster and then I realized it was because I felt so much safer. Going downhill has been a big issue for me, and I am really grateful that you have helped me change this. When I rode uphill, I felt the bike responded to all the strength I was exerting. I am at loss of words, but I feel my FF is agile, smooth and reliable. I know I have the best bike for me, one that I will take care of and love for the rest of my life. Thank you so much for making this possible.

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