One bike to do it all. Really.

Tire Clearance: 700x38mm, 650x47mm
Brake Style: Flat-mount disc
Ideal terrain: Good roads, bad roads, dirt roads, gravel roads, fire roads
Materials: Titanium or Ti-Carbon

We are asked all the time to build one bike that can Do. It. All. One bike that is as suitable for fast group rides on the road as gravel racing as all-day mixed-terrain rides where you find yourself on a single track trail “by accident.” We’ve been making that bike for years, to be honest, but now we can do so better than ever thanks to new technology like our proprietary 3D-printed chainstay yoke and dropouts, dramatically expanding the tube selection possibilities for each bike.

When designing for versatility, there is simply no substitute for expert custom design to create perfect handling no matter the tire selection, and no matter the ride. Custom means we can make the fit and handling aggressive enough for fast group rides and still stable and capable on a wreckless gravel descent. Custom means we can design and machine the tubing to be as efficient as modern carbon race bikes and comfortable for your all-day weekend escape. Custom means exactly the tire clearance, components, and features you want. Nothing more, nothing less.

We’re not saying you’re going to want to sell your other bikes, but you might.


Complete custom bikes, titanium: $7,000-$10,000+
Custom frameset price, titanium: $5,200
Complete custom bikes, ti-carbon: $8500-$12,000+
Custom frameset price, ti-carbon: $6,900

Bike companies are constantly searching for the perfect balance of stiffness, comfort, and lightweight. Ironically, the material key to that balance, the material of dream bikes, has been available the whole time. That material is titanium, and we have been honing our titanium frame-building skills crafting custom frames since 1995. We start with the best quality 3/2.5 titanium tubing sourced from top aerospace tubing suppliers. After we have designed a geometry and selected tube dimensions to suit your riding style, we machine, externally butt, bend, and miter the tubing all in-house to meet your bike’s specific needs. In other words, every single element of the construction is custom for you. The result is a velvety smooth, light, and efficient bike with unrivaled durability and unlimited finish options. With titanium, your dream bike today can be your dream bike in 20 years.

Our goal has always been to make the very best bike possible for every riding style, and titanium’s exceptional combination of versatility, durability, ride quality, and light weight have always been at the heart of achieving that goal. At the same time, carbon bikes are everywhere for a reason. When done right, carbon is light, stiff, strong, and quiets road vibrations beautifully. By blending custom mandrel-rolled, tapered carbon tubing with precision-machined titanium lugs and chainstays, we are able to combine the best qualities of both materials into a single, extraordinary frame. The result is a truly high performance bike that is slightly lighter and stiffer than a full ti frame, all while maintaining the fully custom design, superb ride feel, and unmatched attention to detail that set all of our frames apart from the crowd. This is the pinnacle of ride quality, aesthetics, and frame design.


Fully custom frame geometry and tube selection
Meticulously TIG-welded construction
68mm English-threaded BB
Firefly custom 142x12mm flat-mount disc brake dropouts
Proprietary Adaptive Butted Tubing
Oversized head tube for tapered forks
700x38mm and 650x47mm tire clearance
Whisky No.9 RD+ or Enve All-Road carbon fork


Internal Di2 or EPS routing // $200
Internal brake routing // $350
Pressfit30 or T47 BB // $75
3D-printed chainstay yoke and oversized chainstays for maximum drivetrain stiffness // $200
Oversized tapered head tube // $100
Proprietary tapered carbon seat post // $800
Travel couplers // $1300
Rack mounts // no extra cost
Fender mounts // no extra cost
Pump peg // no extra cost
Bosch ebike upgrade // complete builds start at $9200 (only available on full ti bikes within the US)


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Ti-Carbon :: Standard features

Fully custom frame geometry and tube selection
Meticulously TIG-welded, laser-cut titanium lug construction
Custom mandrel-rolled carbon tubing from Enve composites, including a tapered seat tube and top tube
Pressfit 30 bottom bracket
Firefly custom 142x12mm flat-mount disc brake dropouts
3D-printed chainstay yoke and oversized chainstays for maximum drivetrain stiffness
44mm straight or tapered head tube
Whisky No.9 RD+ or Enve All-Road carbon fork

Ti-Carbon :: Options

Internal Di2 or EPS routing // $200
Proprietary tapered carbon integrated seat post // $800
BSA or T47 threaded BB // no extra cost
Rack mounts // no extra cost
Fender mounts // no extra cost
Pump peg // no extra cost

Today is the 2-year anniversary of the delivery of my Firefly. I wanted to let you know that I still absolutely love my bike. It’s got about 6800 miles on it and has been to Colorado, New York, and Tennessee (in addition to here in Texas of course). I’ve changed out a couple parts due to fit and wear but otherwise it might as well be brand new. I especially like how it handles rough roads. I’m not sure how or why, but it has unquestionably made me a better rider.

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