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Titanium Straws are SOLD OUT! The response has been overwhelming! We have used up 7.5 years worth of titanium scrap in less than 24 hours! As we generate more scrap that can be turned into more straws we will make these available again and broadcast their availability. STAY TUNED! And thanks for your support!!

The benefits of these straws are threefold:

1. You can avoid the use of plastic straws and stop contributing to the over 500 million (per day) of ONE TIME USE plastic straws that end up in landfills.

2. These straws are a by-product of our internal cable routing option and are bound for the scrapper. With a little elbow grease we turn this scrap into something useful that lives on to make the world a better place.

3. They are cool AF.

The 10" size is best for 22oz glasses.

The 8" size is best for a classic 16oz pint glass.

The 5" size is best for tumblrs and we recommend that those be purchased without a bend. They are classier that way.

These titanium straws are MADE TO ORDER, just like our bikes. You can pick the length, the color and whether you want it bent or straight.

Once again: These are MADE TO ORDER! We do not stock finished straws. We squeeze them into our production schedule when we have a free moment between bike builds so be patient. Generally we are predicting that they will ship in 2 or so weeks.

International orders: Please contact us directly as our shipping calculator charges too much for shipping these items.

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