• Custom Fit and Frame Design.

    Custom Fit and Frame Design.

    Every Firefly is custom made for the owner, meaning that we will tune the fit, handling, and ride to your exact needs. Our approach to fitting is based on decades of experience and recognizes that every cyclist is unique and that no single set of rules can or should determine a frame design. Every design takes the rider’s body dimensions, riding style, previous experience, and future goals into account.
  • Precision Manufacturing

    Precision Manufacturing

    Despite being a company of just four, collectively we have designed and built tens of thousands of custom frames, giving us an unmatched level of experience that shows in the quality of construction, finish, fit, and ride of every bike we make.
    Every frame is aligned to within 10/1000”, the thickness of a Post-It, from the center-line. That level of precision applies to each step in our process, and you’ll feel it in the ride.
  • Focus on Design

    Focus on Design

    Simply put, no other company offers the range and quality of finishes and custom graphics that we do. Starting with the variety of naked titanium finishes we offer—including our signature anodized graphics—we can work with you to develop a custom graphics package that is entirely unique to your bike. We believe your bike should look as special as it feels.
  • Documentation


    We photograph the process of every bike we build, and then photograph the finished product in our photo studio. These photos become a visual record of your bike’s creation and bring you closer to the build process. And these photos are indicative of the enormous care and attention we give to every bike. For us, every bike is a show bike.
  • The Ride

    The Ride

    In the words of one proud Firefly owner: “I absolutely love my Firefly. I have owned 40 bikes since I started riding in 1973 and there is no doubt that the Firefly is my absolute favorite bike of all time. You really do make a bike that feels like it was meant for no one else but me.”

Getting started

To learn more about how to order your Firefly, visit our Purchase Process page, or contact us at 617-825-3473.

Firefly was born because we love our craft.

Our work draws on decades of experience designing, crafting, riding, and racing custom bicycles. Before Firefly, we helped shape some of the most revered small frame builders in the world, and, in the process, we helped to shape national and international cycling and bike culture. When we started Firefly, we had a clear vision of our ideal custom bicycle company, and we have maintained that vision ever since. Our focus is not only on building the best bikes in the world here in Boston - a city steeped in cycling tradition - but also on fostering a deeper connection between the rider and their bike by welcoming them into the process of designing and building it. Only custom can offer that connection.

We know you’ll appreciate the intelligence, passion, meticulous attention to detail and quality materials that go into every frame we make. We can’t wait to build your dream bike.

The Firefly Team

  • Tyler Evans
  • Jamie Medeiros
  • Kevin Wolfson
  • Daniel Leader
  • Tyler Evans

    Tyler Evans

    Tyler is a creative force with over two decades of experience as a high end frame builder. He has welded well over 10,000 custom frames, and has no plans to stop now. However, his skills go far beyond just exquisite welding. He has delved into all aspects of the design and fabrication process resulting in some of the most well designed and world-renowned high performance frames the world has ever seen.

    Tyler is also an avid photographer and graphic artist. When he is not welding or riding his bike, he can be found either behind the camera or his computer. He has used his intuitive creative energy to document and write about all aspects of the building process and has presented his work internationally through advertising, blogging and the various award-winning catalogs that he has produced.

  • Jamie Medeiros

    Jamie Medeiros

    Jamie has the eye of an artist and the heart of a craftsman. He puts his love of cycling into every frame he makes. Jamie has been handcrafting high-end bicycle frames for the last 18 years. He has worked on all aspects of the frame building process, from tool making and streamlining production processes, to developing and executing prototypes and world-renowned concept bikes. His attention to detail and knowledge of all aspects of bicycles has made him one of the foremost experts in frame design and construction. At Firefly, he works closely with innovators inside and outside of the cycling industry.

    His love of bicycles goes back to high school where he first discovered the freedom of commuting by bicycle. When he first came to Boston in 1993, he became a bike messenger and stuck with it for the next four years. Since becoming a professional framebuilder, he has focused much of his own energy and personal time creating various versions of what are known as Super Commuters. Each one is more advanced than the next. In his spare time he can be found tinkering in his home workshop creating nerdy little devices that he plans to use to take over the world some day. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  • Kevin Wolfson

    Kevin Wolfson

    From his first memory of winning a tricycle race at age five, through a racing career that took him around North America as a Category 1 racer, to his current role at Firefly, bikes have always been a central feature of Kevin’s life. In his career as a custom frame designer, Kevin has designed thousands of custom frames.

    One of Kevin’s most important skills as a racer has always been his ability to recognize a rider and how that rider is feeling with a quick glance at his or her position, pedal stroke, and body language from across a peloton. These same instincts apply to bike fitting to this day, allowing him to accurately fit clients both in person as well as from fit specifications and photos from across the world.

    His current interests extend well beyond racing. He loves the enormously varied and wonderful world of bicycles, from road racing bikes to mountain bikes to grocery getters, and everything in between. He is dedicated to bike advocacy both in Boston and nationally through his work with People for Bikes and The Ride on Chicago.

    Kevin loves food, especially freshly baked sourdough. His sourdough starter is named Bambino.

  • Daniel Leader

    Daniel Leader

    Daniel’s passion for cycling started at the age of six, when he left home for the first time to ride to the local market for a bag of M&Ms. Everything was going according to plan until he turned into the driveway and was caught by his father, who was none too pleased with his son’s newfound freedom. Daniel has gone beyond that market in Nashville to complete cross-country cycling trips of the United States as well as several countries abroad. He enjoys commuting to work by bike nearly every day. Despite his subsequent grounding, he will tell you those M&Ms were worth it.

    Growing up in Tennessee with a mother who was a designer and a painter and a father who had served as a Naval officer, Daniel’s work ethic and eye for detail were being formed at an early age. Daniel has always loved working with his hands and has tinkered on everything from skis to airplanes, which led him to work as a bicycle mechanic while attending Boston University.

    While he may be the youngest of the Firefly team, what he lacks in age, he makes up for in beard. Daniel always has a beard, except when he does not, which is sometimes. Those are the scary times.