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Finish Options

The finishes below can be mixed and matched for your frame. Prices don’t necessarily add up directly in those cases. If you have something in mind, just email or call to ask. The possibilities are endless.


Bead-blasted // Standard
Textured, matte finish.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.


Brushed // Standard
Smooth, shiny finish. Brushed stainless is very shiny, brushed ti is a little more muted.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.


Decals // Standard
Choose from 14 decal color combinations.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.

Blasted & Brushed Graphics

Blasted or Brushed Graphics // $100
We can blast graphics on a brushed frame or brush graphics on a blasted frame for a subtle, metal-on-metal look.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.

Polished Graphics

Polished Graphics // $100+
We can polish sections of a frame to be extra shiny. We can polish logos, names, pictures of kittens (true story), etc.. We don’t polish full frames because tube grain variations make the finish too inconsistent.

Available on some titanium (depending on tube selection) and all stainless frames.

Color-matched Headbadge

Color-matched headbadge // $50
We can paint, blacken, or anodize the headbadge to match the decals, frame, fork, headset, etc.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.

Painted Frame

Painted Frame // Call For Quote
We work with several talented painters who can paint your frame however you dream. Dream pretty.

Available on titanium and stainless frames.

Anodized Logos

Anodized Logos // $200
We can anodize logos in any of the colors you see here. The logos can be brushed or bead-blasted, and they can be set against brushed or bead-blasted ti. Brushed ano logos on blasted ti is our most popular option because it makes the logos pop the most, but all other combinations are possible too.

Only available on titanium frames.


We invite you to work with us directly. If you’re ready to get your hands on a new Firefly, begin here by completing the correct Firefly Fit Form to the right or contacting Kevin Wolfson at 617.825.3473. (Download Adobe Reader XI to easily fill out, save, and email the fit form.)

After we have an initial conversation and receive your custom fit form, we will set up an in-depth interview to talk about you, your perfect bike, and how we will make it a reality.

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We also work with a small handful of premier fit studios we know and trust.

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