The Bones Project :: Part 5

We released The Bones Project on Friday, December 13th. That was a great idea because, you know, Friday the 13th. That was not such a great idea because winter was coming and we didn’t get to try the test bike for several months. It just stayed hanging on the wall, like the piece of art that it is, not getting ridden…

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The Bones Project :: Part 4

Follow along as we leak clues about a project we have been working on via this short series of videos.

In part four, the penultimate, the scale shifts as the artist breaks free from the boundaries of the frame and delves into an actual wall.

The Bones Project :: Part 3

Follow along as we leak clues about a project we have been working on via this short series of videos.

In part three eyes peek from peepholes, spying on the project as it unfolds revealing the details of what is to come.

The Bones Project :: Part 2

Follow along as we leak clues about a project we have been working on via this short series of videos.

In part two witness the secrets being told. Sounds again reveal process, tools of the trade are exposed. Periodic elements are introduced and the logo intervention takes on a physical form.

The Bones Project :: Part 1

Follow along as we leak clues about a project we have been working on via this short series of videos.

In part one you will witness the artists intervention into our logo, sounds reveal process and the date of the unveiling is released.

The Firefly Gallery

Art and design have always fueled our work. Working in Boston gives us incredible access to a world-class creative community that inspires us every day. While designing our new shop we wanted to find a way to showcase that community. Along with our designer, Alessandra, we set aside an area to highlight the work of artists and craftspeople who excite us. The Firefly Gallery was born.

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Firefly Buildout :: Complete

Well, after many months of hard work our new space is finally finished. We are all moved in and fully operational. The dust has settled, been swept up and disposed of. Total production downtime: 1 week.

How is this possible? People is how… One person in particular, but also a community of like minded individuals spanning many generations, fathers working alongside sons, husbands and wives, dearest friends and professionals from a variety of disciplines, lending their minds and hands. We are truly humbled by the raw mental and physical horsepower generated by this, our community.

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Firefly :: Custom Bikes :: Custom Shop

Since our inception almost two years ago we have been on a relentless hunt for a more permanent and better equipped production facility here in Boston. Our vision of where and how we want Firefly to exist extends beyond the pure functionality of a space into the realm of an experience. Not just our everyday work experience, but the experience of our customers and everyone who enters the space.

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Featured Build :: Titanium Road

Below the surface of this titanium road bike lies an all-out performance based platform designed to keep focus on the road. The frame, surface finish and parts were all selected to reflect our “truth to material” design and build aesthetic…

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Firefly :: Paper Fortress Films

His name is Stebs. He is the man behind Paper Fortress Films. He makes amazing videos about the people and the world around him. It has long been a dream of mine to see Firefly through his lens and we are honored that he took the time to make a short film about us and what we do. So have a look-see, full screen, volume way up:

Also, be sure and check out what Stebs is up to via his tumblr and definitely check out more of his amazing videos on Vimeo. If it’s early: brew another pot, if it’s late: crack a cold one and get comfortable, there are a lot of great videos to watch.


Case Study :: Ti MTB :: Ramponi

This titanium 29′er was made for New England mountain biking legend Mike Ramponi…

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We invite you to work with us directly. If you’re ready to get your hands on a new Firefly, begin here by completing the correct Firefly Fit Form to the right or contacting Kevin Wolfson at 617.825.3473. (Download Adobe Reader XI to easily fill out, save, and email the fit form.)

After we have an initial conversation and receive your custom fit form, we will set up an in-depth interview to talk about you, your perfect bike, and how we will make it a reality.

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We also work with a small handful of premier fit studios we know and trust.

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