Jamie Medeiros

Co-Founder + Director of R&D Frame Builder

Jamie Medeiros // Co-Founder + Director of R&D

Jamie has the eye of an artist and the heart of a craftsman. He puts his love of cycling into every frame he makes. Jamie has been handcrafting high end bicycle frames for the last 13 years. He has worked on all aspects of the frame building process, from tool making and streamlining production processes, to developing and executing prototypes and world renowned concept bikes.

His attention to detail and knowledge of all aspects of bicycles has made him one of the foremost experts in frame design and construction. He plans to hone his skills at Firefly by working closely with innovators inside and outside of the cycling industry.

His love of bicycles goes back to high school where he first discovered the freedom of commuting by bicycle. When he first came to Boston in 1993, he became a bike messenger and stuck with it for the next four years.

Since becoming a professional framebuilder he has focused much of his own energy and personal time creating various versions of what are known as Super Commuters. Each one is more advanced than the next.

In his spare time he can be found tinkering in his home workshop creating nerdy little devices that he plans to use to take over the world some day. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Tyler Evans

Co-Founder + Creative Director
Frame Builder

Tyler Evans // Co-Founder + Creative Director

Tyler is a creative force with 19 years experience as a high end frame builder. He has welded well over 10,000 custom frames, and has no plans to stop now. But his skills go far beyond just exquisite welding. He has delved into all aspects of the design and fabrication process resulting in some of the most well designed and award-winning high performance frames the world has ever seen.

Tyler is also an avid photographer and graphic artist. When he is not welding or riding his bike he can be found either behind the camera or his computer. He has used his intuitive creative energy to document and write about all aspects of the building process and has presented his work internationally through advertising, blogging and the various award winning catalogs that he has produced.

Education: BFA in Sculpture at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Kevin Wolfson

Lead Frame Designer

Kevin Wolfson // Lead Frame Designer

After earning a BA in neuroscience from Dartmouth College, Kevin followed his passion for cycling and went straight to work as a custom frame designer. He has since designed over 1500 custom frames. Kevin is an integral part of the Firefly team and brings years of real world bicycle racing experience to the table.

Kevin’s first memory is on wheels. That is, he entered his first bike race when he was five… and he won — on a blue tricycle. He grew up riding bikes with his dad, his older brother, The Charles River Wheelmen and NEBC in and around Boston. At the grand old age of ten, he started racing cyclocross and road consistently and has been at it ever since. He is now a Category 1 racer, competing at events across North America.

He commutes by bike to work almost every day and loves the enormously varied and wonderful world of bicycles. He is seriously involved in bike advocacy, volunteering with LivableStreets in Boston and helping to raise money for Bikes Belong.

Kevin loves food, especially cookies. He plays pool with his dad on Wednesdays.

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