Firefly :: Stainless Road :: #001

Frontal view stainless road :: firefly

Firefly #001.

Side view stainless road :: Firefly

We are proud to present Firefly #001 fabricated out of Columbus XCr stainless steel tubing.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike

Not just any XCr tubing, this is the first ever frame to utilize the famous Columbus Max profile tubeset in XCr. We call it Firefly MegaMax because it is based on the Max profile but uses larger diameter tubing to better take advantage of the properties of XCr.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike Head Tube

The parent metal used to make the top tube starts as a 31.75mm diameter butted round tube. It is then swaged into a bi-axially ovalized shape, horizontally at the head tube and vertically at the seat tube (opposing ovals at each end). This counters the forces that cause top tube flex in the frame while standing and sprinting.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: seat cluster

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: rear

The down tube  starts as a butted 38mm tube and (like the top tube) is bi-axially swaged into opposing ovals. It is ovalized vertically at the head tube and horizontally at the bottom bracket. The vertical oval at the head tube makes for the strongest possible non gusseted TIG welded joint at the most heavily stressed area of the frame. The horizontal oval at the bottom bracket adds considerably to the lateral stiffness of the frame while sprinting, stiffens up the bottom bracket, yet doesn’t detract from the compliance or feel of the revered XCr tubeset.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: dt decal

We are working closely with Columbus to develop even more XCr tubing profiles in the coming months. This will give us even more options to dial in the ride characteristics of our stainless steel frames for the individual rider. We also use the more traditional round tubes when we find they are more applicable to the individual rider’s needs.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: DT

The surface treatment on this frame is a glass bead blast, we are also offering a brushed finish and polished detail accents. The decals are black with orange accents and the headbadge is painted stainless steel with brass rivets (brushed or blasted is the standard headbadge finish). Right now we are outsourcing our paint to one of the most high-tech paint studios in the country, so if paint is what you want that is not a problem.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: dt above

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: PF30 BB

This frame was built to use the new Press Fit 30 bottom bracket standard, further lightening the frame, providing added stiffness to the bottom bracket area and making it possible to use lighter and lower profile parts. We built the bike up with Campagnolo Super Record shifters, brakes and drivetrain but mixed it up a little and threw on the FSA SL-K Light crank set. We also added a slew of aftermarket parts from our friends over at ENVE Composites including some 45 carbon clincher rims laced to DT Swiss hubs and their flagship carbon bars, stem and seatpost. Making for an incredibly light and fast bicycle.

Firefly XCr Stainless Road Bike :: Boston Mass

Firefly Bicycles, made right here, by hand in Boston, Mass.


8 Responses to Firefly :: Stainless Road :: #001

  1. Ryan Coover

    Well Done – Well Done!

  2. Congrats on the new everything. That is a beautiful bike, and I look forward to seeing the ti version in a few weeks.

  3. Gordon Manson


  4. Joe

    Love the decals, the logo, the team….makes me all weepy and shit.

  5. Chris

    Congratulations on getting the first bike on road just as the weather is breaking, it is a real sweet looking ride.

  6. Vincent Scalia

    This looks incredible boys. Congratulations on your first rig.

  7. hans rovekamp

    Stunning piece of engineering, wish I could do the same and work with you, i’ve been working my whole live in holland casino. Love riding my 1994 extralight Merlin.
    Keep dreaming of having a firefly once!!


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