The Bones Project :: Part 5

We released The Bones Project on Friday, December 13th. That was a great idea because, you know, Friday the 13th. That was not such a great idea because winter was coming and we didn’t get to try the test bike for several months. It just stayed hanging on the wall, like the piece of art that it is, not getting ridden…

Eventually we took it out. We have tested it for about two months now. The conclusion is simple, and exactly what we aimed for: it is the best steel road bike we have ever ridden. The big, bi-oval down tube and big, asymmetric chain stays really do make it stiff. The tiny, tapered seat stays really do make it glide over roads. The top of the line Columbus spirit tubing really does give it the lively, solid, firmly planted on the ground ride that steel is famous for.

We knew this was a special project. Eric “Bones” Thomson’s paint work is exceptional. The lines he achieves totally freehand can only be appreciated in person. We’re only building a max of 22. And we reserved June just for this project, meaning anyone who reserves one will get to ride it through the heart of the summer. After riding one, we know just how special it is.

Every Bones Project bike will feature a fully custom geometry and be offered complete with build kits from SRAM, Shimano, or Campagnolo. There are still a few available spots. Contact kevin@fireflybicycles.com for more info, pricing, and to reserve yours before time runs out.


We invite you to work with us directly. If you’re ready to get your hands on a new Firefly, begin here by completing the correct Firefly Fit Form to the right or contacting Kevin Wolfson at 617.825.3473. (Download Adobe Reader XI to easily fill out, save, and email the fit form.)

After we have an initial conversation and receive your custom fit form, we will set up an in-depth interview to talk about you, your perfect bike, and how we will make it a reality.

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We also work with a small handful of premier fit studios we know and trust.

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