Firefly Buildout :: Complete

Well, after many months of hard work our new space is finally finished. We are all moved in and fully operational. The dust has settled, been swept up and disposed of. Total production downtime: 1 week.

How is this possible? People is how… One person in particular, but also a community of like minded individuals spanning many generations, fathers working alongside sons, husbands and wives, dearest friends and professionals from a variety of disciplines, lending their minds and hands. We are truly humbled by the raw mental and physical horsepower generated by this, our community.

The one person in particular is Alessandra Mondolfi, she almost single-handedly, made our dreams come true. From concept to reality she made this space. Each element, every sightline and detail were thought out and purposely built from scratch.

The result is a true labor of love. It is the fruition of endless late nights, barren fridges, tested nerves and sore muscles. But… when those lights come on in the morning, the machines start humming and some of the finest bicycles we have ever made in our lives start flowing smoothly through the space, we know it was all worth it.

So… through the lens of local photographer Heather McGrath, we invite you along for a photographic tour of the new space.

Thanks to all that helped make our dream a reality.

Credit where credit is due:

Designer: Alessandra Mondolfi
Design Consultants: Tyler Evans, Gary Knell and Jamie Cumming
Project Manager: Alessandra Mondolfi
Fabrication: Alessandra Mondolfi, Tyler Evans, Jamie Medeiros and Kevin Wolfson
Installation: Alessandra Mondolfi, Tyler Evans, Jamie Medeiros, Kevin Wolfson, Ezra Frechette and Zeke Frechette
Preparation and Painting: Alessandra Mondolfi, Tyler Evans, Jamie Medeiros, Kevin Wolfson, Sean Reilly, Jennifer Hegarty, Katie Trainor, Gregory Ralich, Lowell Jesmer, Dan Cariolo, Darcey Moore, Lukasz Kozak, Jeff Gilman and John Obelenus
3-D Renderings: Lowell Jesmer
Photography: Heather MacGrath

For an in depth, behind the scenes account of the project by the designer and builder take a moment to visit Alessandra’s site: HERE

To time-travel through our photographic documentation of the buildout, from begging to end, check out The Buildout Archive: HERE

Check out more of Heather’s photographs of the completed space: HERE

7 Responses to Firefly Buildout :: Complete

  1. Joe Maki

    A beautiful space for creating beautiful bikes.

  2. Jon Moss

    Looks terrific and what a stunning job from Alessandra. It must make such a difference coming to work in a space like this. Very pleased you are making a bike for me this year – cannot wait!

    Congratulations to everyone involved.

    Best wishes,


  3. max

    Bravo! Congrats to all you all. The place looks awesome and I must admit a tinge of the jealousy. Love the metalwork, layout, photos and documentation of the whole process! Thanks for sharing.


  4. Mint Evans

    Congratulations Tyler, I’m so proud of you for completing a beautiful dream space to work in and for having the intelligence to have Alessandra by your side to make it happen. Love to you two and to Firefly. -Mom

  5. Matthew Ziehl

    I am thrilled to be the owner of FF #186, one of the first bicycles crafted in your new facility. Having been to both your prior and new locations, I can personally attest to the appeal of the new space from a customer’s perspective. You have created an inviting and purposeful collaborative environment that will encourage your clients to participate directly in conceiving their “dream” bikes. Congratulations!!

  6. Brandon Lee

    It’s a great looking space and I hope to be able to visit you guys the next time I’m in town!


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