Firefly :: The Beginning :: Part 2

Every great bike deserves a great headbadge. This is where our friend Aaron came into play. We approached him because he is the man you call when you need something like this done and you need it done perfectly.

Bryan from id29

Aaron took our new logo, inspired by the lamp of a firefly (abstracted and created by Bryan, pictured above, over at our illustrious design firm id29) and made it into an amazing light weight metal icon to adorn our frames.


Aaron is the local wiz kid with this kind of stuff. You can follow his various projects over at the Fringe in Union Square Somerville here: aarn_wrks_dsn. Next thing you know (like the next day) we had laser cut stainless steel headbadges in our hands, despite the blizzard that happened overnight.

Now it was our turn to make them work. We bought a vintage, but beautiful, arbor press from our friend Peter at the Brothers Machine Exchange up in North Andover, Mass (as well as perused the aisles of amazing machinery and equipment) and began the process of making some dies to form the badge into the radii of the various headtube diameters that we are using. Below is just an example of some of the bad ass equipment Peter has in his inventory.

A six head drill press painted in a Gulf race car palette, WOW!

As you can imagine, being the machine and tool junkies that we are we walked out with quite a bit more than we had anticipated, but starting from scratch as we were, we were quite happy with our booty of various precision measuring equipment that we needed for the huge project of building our unbelievable alignment table.

Up next: the alignment table…



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