Firefly :: The Beginning :: Part 1

It all has to start somewhere, some might say it started a long time ago, but we’ll just focus on the present… We incorporated Firefly on January 10th, 2011. Ever since it has been non-stop action.

Although we decided to invest a considerable amount of our personal savings into starting this new company, the outpouring of support offered to us is valued far more than any money we have put into it. This company, Firefly Bicycles, was a dream of ours, and has become a community to many more.

It all sort of happened at once and everything is overlapping so we’ll just start with the space. The 2000 sq. foot space that Firefly resides in has been in the hands of some dear friends since 1996. Over the years it was passed from one person to the next and many great projects have been made and companies have been formed here. 15 Wolcott Court, on the southern tip of Boston in a neighborhood called Hyde Park, surrounded by woods and country roads, is the place of legends. We are honored to have this space passed down to us and will do our best to make all that have come before us proud.

It is almost like building the bicycles is the easy part. We know we can do that, we’ve been doing it at the highest levels for most, if not all, of our adult lives. But this is different, this is starting from scratch, with only our hands and the accumulated knowledge in our heads. It is as if we have been preparing for this moment our entire lives. Now is the time. Now is our time to show the world what we can do, on our own terms.

So we’ve got the space… Now it’s time to build a company. Time was of the essence and we needed a plan. We turned to our good friends at id29 to get the ball rolling on the branding front and they took off like a rocket. This gave us the time to focus on building the framebuilding studio out and get our business plan in order, not to mention contacting all of our suppliers and getting some tubing, parts and equipment designed and made.

Stay tuned for more.



We invite you to work with us directly. If you’re ready to get your hands on a new Firefly, begin here by completing the correct Firefly Fit Form to the right or contacting Kevin Wolfson at 617.825.3473. (Download Adobe Reader XI to easily fill out, save, and email the fit form.)

After we have an initial conversation and receive your custom fit form, we will set up an in-depth interview to talk about you, your perfect bike, and how we will make it a reality.

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We also work with a small handful of premier fit studios we know and trust.

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