Stealth UltraCommuter:: Titanium :: Bertone Edition

The Titanium Stealth UltraCommuter, Bertone Edition, was an exciting challenge for us. We dove headfirst into making all aspects of the bike meet the specific needs of the customer and its intended use…

We built and outfitted this bike with a high performance commute in mind.

Specific parameters: Stealth commuter. Half country roads, half urban Boston. 13 miles each way. No fenders. Titanium.

One of the wonderful things about this build was how much freedom we were given (within a specific set of parameters) to create this bike for its owner. Alongside the basics of geometry, fit and construction we dealt with interpreting more ethereal parameters like feelings, attitude, likes, dislikes, design sense, specifics of the environment and a lot more. It was a long conversation(s) and it really became one of those magic moments that we strive for as framebuilders. Really getting to know someone, in an intense biomechanical/psychological kind of way.

For the graphics on the frame we went with a polished and anodized treatment in bronze.

(and yes, Jamie made the anodizing machine)

For the gruppo we went with Shimano Di2 with compact cranks. We went for this option for many reasons. One, because it is ultra high performance and two, because we had some plans for integrating the shifter controls to create maximum stealth.

This bike also showcases the new Firefly titanium seatpost. This post features 23mm of setback but the range on the ones we are making are from 3mm to 25mm of setback. It is only available in 27.2mm diameter.

The post features a lightweight internal clamping mechanism made by ENVE and an integrated battery powering the Di2 shifting system (adding even more stealth).

The seatpost also matches the frame’s anodized graphics and features height registration marks.

We treated this bike, as we treat all of our bikes, like a bike destined to be scrutinized by the finest craftsman and most sensitive eye, but it’s not only what you see that matters. Some things you just have to feel…

…like the bars.

For the front end we went a little nuts: we made a titanium bar/stem combo.

We integrated the front and rear shifting into the bars via a couple of brass buttons and a complicated, yet sleek, internal mechanism that Jamie machined and assembled.

The action of the buttons are flawless. Precise shifting with a stealthy minimal look and engaging feel.

The bars also feature matching polished bronze anodized graphics.

Additional parts in the build: ENVE clincher/ DT Swiss wheelset, XTR clipless pedals, Challenge Parigi-Roubaix 27c tires, ENVE 2.0 carbon fork, PAUL brake levers, and a Chris King Sotto Voce black headset.

There is so much going on right now. Be sure to stay tuned for all sorts of new and exciting projects.

27 Responses to Stealth UltraCommuter:: Titanium :: Bertone Edition

  1. Hottest bike this side of the ocean bottom

  2. Michael Murray

    Beautiful. The handlebar is too cool.

  3. pplucena

    Fantastic Job!
    It goes direct to the number one in my ranking.
    Thank you and congratulations to the owner!

  4. speechless. really, i’ve tried to write a bunch of things that describe how impressive this is and nothing does it justice.

  5. Jonathan Robert

    Wow!!! I expected nothing short of amazing when I heard about this bike. You guys made that x100! Absolute bike porn!

  6. Henrique Tono

    Most desirable bike I have ever seen.

  7. Looks great! espcially the horizontal line.

  8. Tal Danzig

    Amazing!!! Except for the no fenders, that I don’t understand, but maybe it’s because I live in rainy Vancouver.

  9. dennis w

    Glad the best stayed in Mass

  10. Steve rosewell

    I must have one…. I can’t afford one but am willing to kill my gran and sell her body parts…… Anyone need a kidney?

  11. beautiful. but stealth must mean fair weather. no fenders in Beantown?

  12. Alan B

    you’ve raised the bar again, no pun intended

  13. Well, I’ve never seen such clean bars since I last rode my SS. Cheers.

  14. Stu

    This is what happens when art meets minimalism meets fanatic attention to detail. I want one so much it hurts…

  15. max

    Nice work fellas! I bet you want to make plenty more of those, ha! Its cool to see your creativity in take form. Why do people care if it has fenders or not? If they want one to ride for themselves then they can have fender mounts put on, it’s custom people.

  16. Multi Grooves

    Because Max, the title clearly says “COMMUTER”. Have you ever heard of a commuter bike that didn’t have fenders?!

    Excellent in almost every other way though.

    • Timo E

      off topic
      Guess he has another bike for rainy days?
      and needs no fenders while it´s dry and shiny

      Looks this bike has asymmetric/variable (conical?) tube diameters?

  17. pete

    slickest/sickest ride i have seen in a while, beautiful work.

  18. Tom

    Do the Challenge PR 27′s run sizewise like true 27′s or do they run small like a normal 25? Great looking ride.


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