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Livestrong Massachusetts

Our latest stainless steel full-build made for the head of the Massachusetts LIVESTRONG chapter, Matt McGinty.

Firefly Livestrong Stainless

This build goes beyond just a handmade custom stainless steel frameset with a hand polished finish. We incorporated custom graphics and a well rounded parts kit with not so subtle yellow color pops.

Firefly Livestrong Full Frontal

We received the ENVE 1.0 fork with a raw finish and treated it a wax that contains UV inhibitors that protect it from the suns rays while giving it a simple and non distracting look. The headbadge is laser cut locally and then polished at another local polishing company.

Decal Detail

These are more than just decals. They are a sophisticated ink transfer that is designed specifically for a direct surface mount application. They lay totally flat on the raw metal surface making for an exceptionally clean and crisp look.

Firefly Livestrong Wheel

The wheel decals, on the other hand, are more like stickers. They were made for us locally. We use this particular vendor for one-off graphics. They turn them around within a couple of days and look really nice. These are the same as the LIVESTRONG Massachusetts graphics on the down tube.

All of the small parts, such as the adjuster barrels (above) and the cable stops (below) are TIG welded to the frame using specially made jigs and innovative heatsinks to minimize distortion and create the strongest bond possible.

Welded Cable Stop

Heat Tube Weld

The entire frame is designed, cut, welded and polished by hand right here at the the Firefly Workshop, with so much love it practically hurts (our hands, that is).

Firefly Dropouts

This bike also features a Powertap rear hub that monitors your power output while you ride. After the ride the information can be downloaded to a computer to track your progress throughout the season.

Firefly Livestrong Stainless Steel Road

You can see the bike (and Matt) in person on May 7th at the Shiner G.A.S.P. ride in Austin Texas.


7 Responses to Firefly :: LIVESTRONG :: XCr

  1. JP

    Gorgeous. The matching hoods are a nice touch.

  2. Any chance we can get some high res versions of the full bike? I want to make it a desktop wallpaper and so I can stare at it all day at work and not get in trouble. (sent xoxo, Tyler)

  3. peter

    Wow! total super bike.

    nice one

  4. Amazing guys! Fitting that this is Firefly #3 and I already have two children because this is my third child!! I couldn’t be happier and you can be sure she’ll have a happy home for many years to come.

    You guys rock!

  5. How’d the PF30 cups go in? {re: Perfectly, thanks to your awesome reamer! Thanks, Tyler}

  6. Beautiful work. Can’t wait to see more. The photos do your products justice, too.

  7. Erik Pearson

    The craftsmanship and attention to detail is amazing. This is truly a work of art.


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